You have lost a QR Security product! Don't panic, you can deactivate it and protect your data.

To reactivate it, please send an e-mail to: contact@qrsecurite.com indicating your name, first name, and ID number

Take the activation card provided with your product:


You will be redirected to a secure area in Switzerland to register your information.

Enter the ID code and password indicated on the card

Click on the orange square at the top of the page.

A deactivation confirmation message will appear.

Please confirm the deactivation to finish.

Don't forget to download the QR Security application to enjoy all the benefits of your products.

Je crée mon compte qrsecurite


You can at any time complete or modify the registered data. To do so, you just have to go to my qrsecurite account. You will be able to access your files to make any necessary corrections and save the changes..

Je modifie mes donnees

 Activate the NFC connection setting on your smartphone to read the data contained in the NFC chip, if your product is compatible.

- Download the QR Security application: In order to provide our customers with a quality service, QR Security offers a new way to access your data. The QR Security app allows you to update your personal data in real time, read the history of scans of your card and receive a push notification when the card is scanned. Our app is available on App Store and GooglePlay or by clicking on the image below.